Old School

I went to college, ahem, in the 90s--computers were slowly taking over (I remember just. how. big. Windows 95 was), but the school I went to either A) didn't really think that computers were the way graphic design was going, or B) the school and it's administration were really antiquated. Probably a little of both.

My first graphic design class involved xacto knives, rubber cement, rubylith, T squares, and proportion scales (and, if you know me at all, you will be VERY impressed that I could work one of these). There was no computer, there was no mouse, no command Z, no Photoshop... there was me and my paste ups.

Thank God that only lasted a semester. My knowledge of the inner workings of a stat machine have... well, they've never come in handy. Ever. So it was with a great big smile that I read Michael Beirut's account of his path to becoming the designer he is today.

Because I, too, have a T square... somewhere.

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ZoesMom said...

I have a T-square too! And a bunch of triangles, and a compass. All collecting dust.