Random Tuesday

So last week I finished up a little collaboration with ImageMark--we worked together on a site called AtmosAir. It was a quick project, about 15 days to design and develop a small site. Which, as pressing as it was, I loved; there was not time for idling, no time to change one's mind for the umpteenth time... this site HAD to be up by last week, and we made it work.

Don't get me wrong, I don't not love projects that go on for a while... this was just a refreshing (quick) change of pace.

Oh, one more thing... would somebody, anybody, please, please please go to Gibbs College? I don't care what you major in--just go. Their ads seem to be taking over the TV...

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Akoo said...

Ok, it makes a lot of sense, i was deciding between Gibbs, and Harvard, but now i think i have made up my decision, Thanks!
P.S. kidding :P