6 Degrees of Separation

So, I'm sitting at my computer tonight, reading a couple blogs, and lo and behold, I come across this picture:

Whoop de do... Brad and Angelina shopping. But the pink scarf with the embroidered flowers caught my eye. That looks like--wait a minute, it is!--one of my client's products! And--OMG--there's the tag I designed hanging from the purple scarf! The client is One Kid--they make the most adorable kids clothes--and I've done a decent amount of work for them, including their catalogs, website and clothing tags--which Brad Pitt may or may not be looking at in this picture (He could be saying, "Hey Ang, get this scarf. Not only is it cute and well made, but the tag design is really cool!" OK, a girl can dream).

Of course, this is probably the closest I'll ever get to Brad Pitt...

(Brad and Angelina photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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