Opening Day!

I looooooove me some baseball. I get all warm and fuzzy when March Madness rolls around, only because I know that baseball season is not far off. And finally, it's here.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to go to Yankee's Opening Day. I am a die-hard Yankee's fan, but I've never actually been to an opening day, so it was a treat. Even more so was that it was an AWESOME game; I had such a good time. I love the energy and excitement of taking the 4 train up to the Bronx; walking down the stairs from the platform, somebody pointed out Mayor Bloomberg was right behind us. The madness of trying to get into the stadium at the same time as about 50,000 other people, the trek aaaallllll the way up to our seats (and the great view--don't knock the nosebleeds 'til you've tried 'em), and the post-game congestion--I'll take it any day. Corey Lidle's wife and son threw out the first pitches--I bawled. A-Rod missed an easy pop-up--I booed. The Giambino steps up to the plate and hits a homerun, giving the Yanks the lead in the first inning--I screamed my little head off. Hearing the first few notes of "Enter Sandman," and seeing that bullpen door open to reveal one of the greatest closers in the history of the game still gives me goosebumps. Especially cool? Seeing the cranes working on the new stadium.

I was about 8 years old when I went to my first Yankee game; back in the days of Don Mattingly, Willie Randolph and Dave Winfield. My grandfather had managed to get seats about 10 rows back from home plate; it was myself, my grandfather and my father. At first, I had no idea what to expect, I sat watching the first couple of innings intently. But by the 4th inning, I was screaming with the best of them. I remember quite a few people turning around, commenting to my father that I really must have been enjoying the game. I think both my father and my grandfather were proud.

Yeah, baby! Baseball is back!!!

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