Bravo, kate spade

Those who know me, know that I adore kate spade--handbags, shoes, accessories... the woman can do no wrong. So I found myself on katespade.com today--no, not shopping (I wish!), I was doing some research for a website I'm working on. No, really!

Anyway, I came across this section, called "Behind the Curtain." Of course, as it happens with the internet, I clicked through and imediately spent the next half hour or so lost in kate's world. It's such a great extension of the brand: what the kate spade design team is listening to, behind the ad campaign, upcoming events, projects, and my favorite, things we love. Things we love is a collage of photos linking to, well, things they love: a youtube clip of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, The Art Director's Club Young Guns, a book about primary colors (the actual colors, not the political satire). It was a refreshing change from my usual internet stops; I'm going to definitely check it out more to see how often it changes.

In related news, kate also sends out a monthly email, kate's favorites. In it, she lists a few of her favorite ks products: this month it's--among other things-- a wicker clutch (because "dinners al fresco are just around the corner. grab this clutch and head outdoors.”). Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for all things spade, but throwing that little quote in there makes me want the purse that much more--I can envision myself dining outdoors in a fabulous strapless dress, opening my cute little clutch to reapply my lipstick. Brilliant marketing.

Sidebar: A friend/client thought the "Favorites" was so brilliant, she's going to borrow the idea!

In both instances, kate spade has taken her brand and expanded it 2 completely different directions: one in which she sells her wares, the other which has little to do with the products she's selling, and more to do with the lifestyle that accompanies those products.

Bravo, ks.


Mary said...

oooh! you would be so fierce in a picnic and strapless dress scene (i'm seeing white with hot pink floral print at the bottom). I think you have to get that clutch now!

tracie valentino said...

Well, thank you so much! I think I would be pretty fierce, too, if I do say so myself :)

Now if I could just convince my husband of the necessity of this purse...