January Second

Last year I made no New Year's resolutions. Instead I opted for a birthday resolution--in October--to start running. Several 5K's, a relay race and a half marathon, I think we can check that as a resolution fulfilled.

This year I was a little busy and feeling uncreative when my birthday rolled around, so I didn't make any birthday resolutions. Which is a shame, because I feel like last year's worked out so well.

But here we are, at January 2nd, and boy, have I made some goals for 2014. One of them, you might have guessed, is to blog again. I have a bunch of others that I'll be sharing as the weeks roll on, including a new exciting direction for traciedesigns.

I hope you'll join me as I restart blogging and use this space to share what it's like to be a work at home mom, as well as new traciedesigns projects, and, of course, all things great design.

Happy New Year!

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