Dress up:

Oh lookie who decided to blog today!

Part of the reason--OK, a lot of the reason--why I haven't been posting very regularly is that I'm busy. Like, super-way busy (I know, I know, not like you haven't heard THAT one before). But for reals; recently I took on a temporary job that has me going into an office twice a week (Zoe's mom's office!--which would be awesome if we weren't working all the time). The work is meh, the pay is fine, but you know what? I love going into that office. Well, scratch that. I love GETTING DRESSED to go into that office.

Seriously. My work at home wardrobe of jeans and yoga pants are frowned upon at the office--so I have to get dressed, and look nice. And that usually means doing my hair (because baseball caps are also big no-nos), and putting on makeup, in addition to nice clothes. At first, I thought it was going to be a problem--I mean, hello? Jeans and yoga pants, and not much else. But now, I'm kind of enjoying the challenge of "shopping" my closet and putting together office-appropriate outfits. I'm wearing stuff I haven't worn in years (because this is a temporary job, I refuse to buy anything new. Although, I did buy a new pair of "work" pants the other day, but mostly because they were super on sale for $15). The most fun is finding a pair of shoes--and oh, how I love my shoes! Since I have no reason to wear all my pretty, pretty shoes at home, it's been a real treat to wear them to the office.

Don't get me wrong--if I had to do this more than twice a week, I'd be complaining a lot more (I'd also be asking for a raise, because I'd almost have to buy something new). But it's not often, and so far it's fun.

I think the funniest part of this whole experience, is people's reactions. At drop off at school, people are used to seeing me in my work at home uniform--mostly workout clothes and baseball caps, because I'm usually dropping the kids off and working out right away. The reaction I get to "dressed up for the office Tracie" is pretty funny, because it's so unexpected. Maybe once this job ends, I'll continue dressing up once a week, just because.

Oh, who am I kidding? Yoga pants are SO COMFY.

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