Super meh:

So last night: big huge football game (the outcome of which resulted in much happiness for Mattio), snacky-totally-bad-for-you-and-by-the-way-I-would-never-eat-this-if-it-wasn't-the-Super-Bowl-foods, and commercials. Lots of 'em.

Any clear favorites out there? Eh, not for me. You guys, I watched an entire FOOTBALL game, expecting to see some awesomeness during the breaks, and, quite frankly, it was all really meh.

I will admit, some made me chuckle, but no real stand outs. Last year's VW Darth Vader spot was awesome; it was adorable, original and clever. This year was all about women in scantily clad clothes, dogs and babies--none of which were adorable, original or clever (especially those scantily clad women. Ugh).

I will admit that I did enjoy the Ferris Bueller commercial--in it's entirety when I watched it last week online. The Seinfeld commercial was amusing, but not at the end, when Jay Leno (JAY LENO??) swooped in. The Hulu commercial with Will Arnett (doing his best Gob voice) was amusing (and as a fan of Arrested Development--which is streaming right now on Hulu--I was left disappointed that the list didn't include his infamous chicken dance). The kid peeing in the pool was cute, but I don't even remember who that was for (and it wasn't a pool cleaning company).

The only commercial that piqued my interest, was the Chevy Sonic spot--if only because I was curious about the OK Go video, which was filmed entirely in (and making music with) the Sonic. That was definitely my fave (the OK Go video, not the commercial):

You can see Brand Bowl rankings of the commercials here, or, if you're feeling nostalgic (or missed a few), you can watch the commercials themselves here. Or you can skip it all and just watch OK Go with me again.

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