OK. I know. Lots of shoes here, but I can't help it! I feel like I've been in a shoe drought for far too long--and by drought, I don't mean lack of shoes, I mean lack of shoes that I actually like. This past spring and summer's selection of shoes was really meh; and I was really slow to love anything this fall as well--that is, up until last week. And when these babies showed up in my Facebook feed, it was love at first sight:

Seriously. How cute are these Lucky Brand boots? Like I need another pair of knee-high boots... but the fact that they fold over like this? I'm sold (well, I'll be sold once they go on sale)!
So internet friends, tell me: what shoes/boots are on your radar this fall? 


Becky said...

Those are great! I just fell in love with some chestnut brown, high heeled ankle boots, and they're on sale - but not in my size. But they're the ones I want and so far, nothing else will do.

tracie valentino said...

Oh, bummer! That's the worst--especially when nothing else will do. Link?