Cooking with color:

I think I may have to find a new title for these types of recipe posts, because I have been cooking with the same palette of colors all year long.

Anywho. I love vegetables. And I especially love them in the summer, fresh from the garden. This "recipe" was made up one night when I was looking for an alternative pasta salad. I just tossed some veggies and pasta together, threw in some olive oil, and voila! Summer yumminess. This one is definitely a summer staple in our house.

Summertime Veggies and Pasta:
(please note that there are no amounts, as I don't really measure when I make this. The general rule of thumb is that I love veggies, so I try and do equal amounts veggies to pasta)

Cherry or grape tomatos
Any color pepper
Red onion
Fresh Basil
Pasta (brown rice pasta is yum with this--and normally I'm not a fan)
Olive oil

Chop up all your veggies into bite size pieces. Boil, and then cool, the pasta. Combine veggies, capers, basil and pasta. Add olive oil and salt, and mix. For extra spice, throw in a little hot pepper.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! I bet my family wishes I made that :)

Stephen said...

That looks delicious and so much better than CMYK processed food too!

tracie valentino said...

Sara, it's really easy to make (but my kids wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Hubs loves it though).

Stephen, Pantone food always tastes better than CMYK processed :)