Paint swatch awesome for your feet

Oh Converse, how I heart you.

Chuck Taylor and I have had a thing going for quite some time. Plaid, flannel, velvet, or just plain black canvas (the current pick); Chuck Taylor All Stars have been in my life for years and years and years. We love them so much that it's become back to school tradition for the children all to get a new pair of Chucks in September. I love the teenager's pick:

But when buying them, I came across these (PRODUCT) RED paint swatch shoes that I love, love, love:

The hi-tops also come in red, and the lo-tops come in green. It's hard to find a pair of Converse that I don't like; but these? These are pretty awesome.


AmyElements said...

Rad. Addie cheeks has pink high tops. Her large feet grow fast, so I keep buying the next size. So far, the hubby thinks they're the same pair. We're going to play that hand and see how far we get. Got to get me a new pair. My black ones went missing early this season (along with a pair of flip flops). Beach bandits with style, I suspect.

tracie valentino said...

Beach bandits with style... I like that. Well, not that your shoes got stolen (for shame!), but...

Eleanor has a pair of purple ones, and Mad's got a black pair with rainbows and peace signs and hearts... they were definitely made with her 7 year old style in mind.