be thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I have been in full on holiday mode for about the past week and a half, whistling Christmas songs (and desperately trying to find the holiday station on Sirius--anyone know?), baking Christmas treats, and watching Christmas movies; the girls and I started the holiday movie season with Elf on Saturday night--this Saturday night I'm looking forward to the Grinch and a Christmas Story).

Unfortunately, there are far too many people out there who don't share my cheer; people who are more eager for the 5AM opening of Wal-Mart on Friday than they are for the upcoming holiday season (my shopping, btw, was started in late August because of the baby's due date. I still have a few things left to get, but for the most part, I'm just about done. And let me tell you, I'd start that early again next year, too: the stores are far less crowded, the sales are just as good, and the financial impact is spread out over a longer period of time, rather than a few short weeks).

So on this day before Thanksgiving, I'd like to give thanks for all the wonderful things that happened this year, from the healthy birth of our daughter, to the successful year traciedesigns has had. Thank you to all of my clients, who are awesome to begin with, and huge thanks to those that passed my name on. Thank you to my family, for supporting me and the crazy hours I keep. And thank you especially to everyone reading this--I know I don't post often, but it's nice to know there's a small handful of you out there that read this blog.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

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ZoesMom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

I agree about shopping early. Most years I am completely done by Thanksgiving. This year I have been a little lazy so I still have some shopping. But I am definitely not into 5am shopping. That's what the internet is for!